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I'm Aaron.

I’m a product designer with a passion for creating life-changing products through simple, accessible, delightful design.

Other Projects

Two phone-sized example screenshots of the Endorsed Local Providers agent results product.

Real Estate Product Optimization

Customers who completed a lead form to be connected with real estate agents in their area were not given tools and information to guide their decision and were largely just handed off to the agent. I was part of a team that improved the post-form product experience for customers of Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers.

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A phone-sized and a desktop-sized example screenshots of the Ramsey Pro Portal product.

Ramsey Pro Portal

The previous products Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers and SmartVestor Pros used to manage their referrals from Ramsey Solutions were outdated and difficult to use. I was part of a team that created an easy-to-use product, on a single platform, for all 4,000+ agents and professionals to use.

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Two phone-sized screenshots of RamseyTrusted landing pages with an overlaid example of RamseyTrusted branding.

RamseyTrusted Product & Brand Discovery

People had been confused for years by the various ways Ramsey had done endorsements and recommendations. I was part of a small team asked to create a new, unifying brand to transfer trust from Ramsey Solutions to the people and companies they trust.

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